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Wines, Champagnes and Sparkling Wines

We are happy to advise on the perfect accompaniment to your selected menu and add elegance and style, with a range of glassware.


Vodka based cocktails


Classic vodka cocktail! Fresh lime and sugar with a healthy measure of vodka, served over crushed ice. Enjoy all summer long and try with any fruit of your choice, delightful with raspberries.

Watermelon Martini

A light alternative with a mouth blasting taste of fresh watermelon. Large measure of vodka, sugar and fresh watermelon served in classic martini glass.

Strawberry Rose

Vodka, fresh apple juice, honey, strawberries, rosemary, ground black pepper, and ground coriander seed. A luscious drink with a wild mixture of fresh strawberries, fresh herbs and spices

Rhubarb Mule

Ginger infused vodka, fresh lime juice, fresh crushed rhubarb all muddled and topped off with ginger beer

Chocolate Martini

Large measures of vodka, amaretto and chocolate pureé. All shaken with ice and served in a fresh chocolate lined glass

Sweet and Seedy

Vodka, fresh pomegranate juice, orange honey and fresh lime shaken and served in a chilled martini glass

Mediterranean Mule

Vodka, lime juice, elderflower, ginger ale and champagne. A French mule with a kick served in a high ball glass.

Jack O Lantern

Vodka, mango juice, cranberry juice, large wedges of orange and lemon. A refreshing long drink ideal for reception and an alternative to the usual as it is packed with fresh juices

Honey Snow Kiss

Vodka, cointreau, honey, lychees and fresh mint leaves all muddled together, served in a high ball over ice.

The Job

Vodka, passion fruit pureé, rice wine, coconut milk and lychee served in a high ball over ice

Lemonberry Tart

Stolichnaya raspberry vodka, limoncello and crème de framboises, shaken with fresh raspberries, peaches and lemon juice.


Wyborowa apple vodka, crème de cassis and apple juice shaken with blueberries and fresh lemon juice.

The Crush

Stolichnaya orange and apricot brandy stirred with pomegranate, cinnamon, raspberries and sharon fruit.

Champagne based cocktails


The classic Bellini, peach pureé topped up with champagne or sparkling wine...or why not try a raspberry, strawberry or lychee Bellini.  Served in a chilled flute and excellent as a sophisticated yet easy going reception drink.

Champagne Julep

Whisky and mint muddled with brown sugar, topped up with champagne and served in a chilled flute with a long lasting refreshing flavour

Rose Petal Bellini

Vodka, rose petal juice, rose water and champagne, a perfect reception drink for a summer event, garnished with a fresh rose petal

Bubbles & Bling

Cognac, caramel and cinnamon topped up with champagne and served in a chilled flute

Blue Sky

Muddled lychees and blueberries, shaken with crème de cassis, topped up with champagne and served in a chilled champagne flute.

Rum based cocktails


Cachaça, fresh limes and sugar muddled and served over crushed ice. A Brazilian classic and potent cocktail. Try our fresh fruit versions, strawberry is a must.


Everyone’s favourite! Havana 3yr rum, fresh Mint, lime, sugar topped muddled together and served over crushed ice, topped with soda for that crisp finish. New flavours of peach and lychee are a must try

Purple Basil Mojito

Purple basil, lime, sugar syrup, sugar and white rum muddled in a glass, topped up with soda water to finish. A surprising and elegant drink.


Appleton Jack dark rum, lemon juice, Grand Marnier, sugar syrup, orange bitters and a small handful of orange peel.  A perfect start up drink, it contains the smells and taste of fresh citrus, leaving a refreshing tang in your mouth.

Dark and Stormy

Goslings rum, fiery ginger beer, lime juice – a very refreshing cocktail that has a hidden kick to it.

Grand Passion

Bacardi Rum, Passion fruit puree, angostura bitters- A simple rum cocktail with a twist

Tea Party

Rum, vodka, gin, tequila, whisky, cointreau, Noilly Prat, lime juice, orange juice and coke - a ‘juicy’ version of the unbeatable classic!

Gin based cocktails

Perfect 10

Tanqueray 10 and Noilly Prat shaken with ice. Using all the flavours of tanqueray 10, this really is the perfect martini.

Rivera Dawn

Gin, campari, lemon juice, grapefruit juice, passion fruit syrup, sugar syrup and mint combined together and served over ice, warming to the last drop

Berry Bramble

Gin, creme de mure, sugar syrup, lime & raspberries - fresh fruit cocktail with gin complementing the lime and raspberry.

Gin Smash  

Gin, Grand Marnier, lemon juice, apple juice, mint, marmalade and gomme.  A fresh fruit packed drink which complements the gin and makes this a drink go down well at any event.


Gin, lime juice, sage leaves, white cubed sugar and tonic - the natural progression of a classic

Pink Lady

Gin, Cointreau, lemon juice & a dash of egg whites with a splash of grenadine - a perfect summer drink and ideal for a reception drink

The Bomb

Bombay Sapphire gin, Cointreau and fresh lime juice shaken with passion fruit and pineapple juice and topped with ginger beer

Brandy based cocktails

Spiced Brandy

Brandy, fresh plums, vanilla seeds, cracked black pepper served over ice, packed with flavour

The Fix

Brandy, fresh cherries, lemon juice, gomme muddled and served with a lemon twist

Apple Strudel

Brandy, Zubrowka Bison Vodka, fresh apple juice, apple and gomme - as delicious as the real thing

Whisky based cocktails

Not so Innocent

Johnnie Walker Black, Half and Half, honey, fresh vanilla pod, grated nutmeg for garnish - a drink that is made to be good for you but the way that we do it is oh so NOT!!!!!

Golden Manhattan

Johnnie Walker Gold, sweet vermouth, angostura, and garnished with a socked whisky fresh cherry. Served sweet to enhance the delicate and rare flavours to be found in Johnnie Walker gold label whisky

Lynchburg Lemonade

Johnnie Walker Black or Johnnie Walker Gold, Cointreau, lemon juice, gomme top off with lemonade

Coronation Cocktails

Johnnie Walker Black or Johnnie Walker Gold, fresh grapefruit juice, gomme, grenadine, angostura bitters, peach puree

Non-alcoholic cocktails

Raspberry crush

Raspberry, passion fruit and lychee served over crushed ice and topped up with cranberry and garnished with a lime

Elderflower pressé

Sparkling elderflower water with fresh lime and served ice cold, delightfully refreshing!

Virgin Mule

Elderflower water and lime topped up with ginger beer and served over cubed ice.

Sweet Tang

Cranberry Juice and fresh raspberry served over crushed ice. Garnished with fresh cranberries.

Strawberry smash

Fresh strawberry muddled with sugar and served over crushed ice, topped up with cranberry juice

Go for it

Fresh blackberry juice and apple juice topped with ginger beer with freshly squeezed lime juice

Virgin Cosmopolitan

Cranberry and freshly squeezed lime juice over crushed ice with large chunks of lime – refreshing and popular to drink 

Honey Fruit

Fresh apple Juice, fresh orange juice, and honey

Raspberry Passion

Fresh raspberry, passion fruit puree, fresh lychee and cranberry juice

Apples and Pears

Crushed pears stirred vigorously with apple juice, fresh lime juice and a touch of gomme

Winter Frolics

Passion fruit and strawberries shaken together with orange juice and cranberry juice

Watermelon crush

Fresh watermelon with homemade lemonade over crushed ice.

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These menus are a sample and are subject to change

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