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Finger food & bento box

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Hot finger food

Moroccan spiced fish koftas with a hot tomato and honey dip

Mini sesame burger buns with char-grilled tuna and tomato chilli salsa 

Salt cod bacalao buñuelos wrapped in filo served with a lemon allioli

Indian spiced crab and cod cakes with a tomato and cardamom dip

Mini lamb, allspice and pomegranate pizzas topped with pine nuts

Little homemade burgers with a chilli horseradish mayonnaise

Steamed Thai chicken dim sum with a sweet palm and soy reduction

Peppered tempura chicken with a rocket mayonnaise

Skewers of spiced chicken tikka with a cool cucumber and mint raita

Mini Thai red curry chicken bites skewered on lemongrass with a sweet chilli jam

Mini toad in the hole with a caramelised red onion relish

Tomato, goats cheese and basil pesto filo pouches

Thai butternut squash and sweet potato parcels with a sweet chilli jam

‘Newspaper’ cones of falafel with red schoog (Yemeni chilli sauce) *

Spinach open pastries with allspice, sumac, pine nuts and onions

Cold finger food

Mini caesar salad tarts with marinated anchovy, quails egg and Parmesan shavings

Cajun marinated salmon skewers with a lime and coriander aioli

Mexican chilli scones sandwiched with smoked chicken and guacamole

Crispy garlic croûtes with marinated rare beef fillet with horseradish cream and thyme

Rare roast beef and grainy horseradish mustard in poppy seed tartlets

Cheddar scones topped with smoked ham and mustard mayonnaise

Tiny cheese and herb scones with mascarpone and crispy parma ham

Cheddar cheese scones with goats cheese, red onion marmalade and thyme

Cheddar sablé topped with soft goats cheese and a sweet cherry tomato

Mini thyme scones topped with goat’s cheese and red peppadew

Mini Bento boxes

Served with rice spoons or sporks

Japanese teriyaki chicken salad with crunchy vegetables and a nam Jim dressing

Bang bang chicken with cucumber, spring onions and noodles

Thai marinated salmon served with baby spinach leaves pickled pak choi and radishes

Seafood salad of salmon, squid, monkfish and mussels tossed

in a lime dressing with dill, chervil and coriander

Chilli and salt roasted baby squid with a lemongrass and lime dressing

Seared tuna niçoise salad with fine green beans, oven dried cherry tomatoes,

baby new potatoes, quail eggs, and black olives

Thai beef salad with lime leaf dressing and spicy noodles

Pancetta, pea, green bean, Puy lentil and mint salad

Smoked trout, watercress and celeriac salad with a dill and garlic mayonnaise

Tiger prawn ceviche with mooli salad

Ikura potato salad with edamame and Scandia dill dressing

(Creme fraiche, wasabi and dill)

X-ray mooli salad with edamame, avocados, red and yellow pepper

Pomegranate seeds and tasted sesame seeds

Crab udon salad with avocado, cucumber and spring onion

Mackerel ceviche, with chick peas and tahini dressing

Teriyaki salmon with pine nut rocket and soba salad

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These menus are a sample and are subject to change

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